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Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup

My favourite thing to eat has always been a grilled cheese sandwich! I like to fill mine with a combination of provolone and feta, but truly believe any cheese makes a good one. With a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, it meant I could no longer eat gluten. Goodbye bread, goodbye grilled cheese sandwiches. Or so…

National Gluten Free Day – Lasagna Recipe

Happy National Gluten Free Day! In honour of the day, I decided it makes perfect sense to post the first recipe of the blog – lasagna! Now every time I go to read a recipe online, the food blogger has paragraph after paragraph of the meaning behind the meal, how they connect with it, etc.…

2020 – The Year We Learned to Cook

I am a bit late posting about the new year, but I like to believe that every day is a fresh start. So, I hope this lateness will be forgiven! In reviewing this past year, it was defined by pivoting and shifting. Normal was no longer normal and life changed for all of us. The…